Essentials of Business Writing Course

  • Business writing course in writing emails, memos, letters, reports, and other business documents
  • Three business writing document evaluations with instructor feedback on mastery of the business writing skills
  • Dozens of interactive business writing course exercises
  • PhD business writing college instructor
  • Extensive writing feedback and coaching
  • Tuition $175

Business Writing Course Syllabus:

This business writing course teaches the essential business writing best practices business people are using today to write clear, effective, professional business writing, including email, memos, letters, reports, and other documents. The Business Writing Essentials course teaches a structured approach to business writing that makes writing easier and guides readers through the content. Graduates report that they receive high praise for their business writing, and other employees begin to copy their style.

The instructor evaluates three business writing examinations. As with all other Business Writing Center courses, you have unlimited access to the instructor to ask questions during the business writing course. The instructor evaluates the competency examinations and coaches you through learning skills so you consistently produce professional business writing.

If you take the Business Writing Essentials course with BWC85 Basic Grammar Essentials to give you grammar training along with the writing training, the tuition is reduced to $225 for both. Click here to go to the page describing the registration for both BWC85 and BWC95.

Business Writing Course Content

  1. Use correct letter and memo formats in your business writing.
  2. Prepare notes with content that gives readers the right message.
  3. Organize your business writing to make it understandable.
  4. Introduce the content of your business email, letters, reports and other business writing
  5. Present the explanations so readers understand them.
  6. Present lists clearly.
  7. Write clear, complete explanations in your business writing.
  8. Write powerful, effective sentences with professional wording.
  9. Write paragraphs to provide readers with clear information.
  10. Prepare a polished, correct final draft of your business writing.
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Business Writing Course Certificate

Writing Coaching by Senior Instructor Dr. Robert Hogan

Business Writing InstructorDr. Robert Hogan teaches the coaching, tutoring, and individualized business writing courses. Dr. Hogan has been training writers for 40 years in universities, colleges of business, consulting companies, and professional writing companies. He has been a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County College, and Illinois State University College of Business. He was manager of communications in a telephone billing company and owner of a company writing documents on contract for government agencies and corporations.

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Dr. Hogan delivers workshops at company sites in general business writing, writing email, business report writing, writing letters, and principles of usage (grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentences, and word usage). More…

Worldwide Business Writing Training

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The Business Writing Center has been evaluated and has received awards or recognition from a number of organizations and media:

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  • Florida Department of Health
  • Investor’s Business Daily
  • TechRepublic

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