General Business Writing

7 hours, with presentations and group activities

Writing Effective Workplace Email

7 hours, with presentations and group activities

Business Report Writing

7 hours, with presentations and group activities

Writing Clear Business Letters

7 hours, with presentations and group activities

Basic Business Usage

Grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and word usage

7 hours, with presentations and group activities

Combination Workshops

The workshops can be combined to fit a company’s interests and time constraints.

Robert Hogan, PhD, Instructor

The workshop presenter is Robert Hogan, PhD. Dr. Hogan has been training writers for 40 years in universities, colleges of business, consulting companies, and professional writing companies. He has been been a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County College, and Illinois State University College of Business. He was manager of communications in a telephone billing company and owner of a company writing documents on contract for government agencies and corporations. Dr. Hogan has had articles published in College Composition and Communication, English Education, Research in the Teaching of English, and various conference proceedings. He has published books on business writing (Explicit Business Writing: Best Practices for the Twenty-first Century and Business Writing for Forensic Managers) and coauthored a book on supervision (Consultant Supervision: A Clinical Approach).

Sample Training

This sample is from the self-study video course on writing email.

Post-Workshop Evaluations

“The business writing workshop was helpful. I liked the hands-on part of the workshop; it helped to reinforce what was discussed. Also, the positive feedback by Dr. Hogan was very encouraging.””I would have liked the writing seminar to have been longer, maybe two or three days!”

“If you want to know how to make yourself understood and get the action you need, this is a great writing workshop.”

“Although the writing workshop was different than I had originally expected, it proved to be more valuable than I anticipated. I expected a list of “do” and “don’t” cases but received a broader understanding of addressing business issues instead.”

“I definitely feel that my writing will improve when I return to my client site. My organization and writing skills will be more effective for the reader.”

“The class was presented well. The format and duration were good. There was a lot of time to do the written exercises, which I found to be most helpful.”

“Dr. Hogan is very knowledgeable in the field of business writing. He was very interesting and made the class quite enjoyable.”

“Everything is online, so the course material will be very easily accessible. I will definitely go back to the website to use the information as a reference.”

“I will now be able to write letters, e-mails, etc. more clearly and concisely with much better organization.”

“Excellent! He was extremely knowledgeable and accredited in the subject of business writing.”

“This class provided me with some tools to write more clearly and effectively.”

“We covered a lot of ground in just a couple of days. The class flowed nicely.”

“Craig’s presentation skills were very good; he kept my interest and is one of the few instructors able to do so. Because of this, he was able to convey his message, which helped me get a lot out of his class.”

“The workshop was helpful because I am not a good writer.”

“I liked Craig’s presentation style. He kept my interest, which can be hard in an all-day class.”

“I feel that this will definitely help my writing become stronger and more effective.”

“I feel Dr. Hogan did a very good job in delivering the content of the class.”

“Instructor intervention during class was very effective.”

“The workshop reestablished and provided new fundamentals of writing that I will benefit from in the future.”

“This workshop would be helpful to any individual working in a business environment in improving their written communication.”

“It did help me get my thoughts better organized.”

“For me, writing has always been intimidating. I found this class to be very helpful in getting over the taboos that were taught to me as a child.”

“I enjoyed this course. I feel that the activities after each lecture were very helpful in learning the concepts.”

“While I knew some of the information, it becomes more clear as you go through the process; it helps you realize that you could be writing better.”

“The workshop was very helpful to me. I learned a lot about composing concise, clear and efficient documents. It is also encouraging and helps remove any fears or hangups that people sometimes encounter with business writing. You come out of it feeling like you are prepared to write any document you may need: letter, memo, or email.”

“I have learned that writing can be fun and if I use it correctly, I can succeed.”

“I liked the fact that all the courseware is on the Internet. This way I can refer to it when ever I need it and I’ll know the content is up to date.”

“I enjoyed the workshop and the one-on-one analysis that Craig offered as well as the group projects and the lectures.”

“I think the course runs very smoothly. If anything, I would add a section on the grammar: maybe spend an hour on it. But that is not even necessary.”

“Overall, I would recommend the class and would certainly take another class Craig would teach.”

“Dr. Hogan demonstrated that he is an expert in the area of business writing, or better yet, writing in general. I strongly recommend all our employees take this seminar.”

“The format of the class was good; it was presented very well. I found the written exercises to be very helpful. As a result, I feel more organized and concise with my writing.”