Business English Grammar Course for Nonnative Speakers of English

  • Language and grammar course for nonnative speakers who have problems in language, grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, or sentence structure.
  • Grammar training, practice, and tests based on the student’s own writing
  • Instructor provides individual grammar training as necessary, especially for nonnative speaker language and grammar issues
  • Students receive grammar training in only the specific language and grammar skills they need
  • Self-pacing grammar course with lessons available from anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited access to the instructor to ask questions about business grammar
  • Online quizzes containing sentences from the student’s original business writing sample
  • Instructor is a college of business PhD professor
  • Grammar course contains extensive feedback and coaching to enhance the grammar training
  • Clear, easily understood explanations of English grammar and language
  • Tuition $345

Language and Grammar Course Syllabus:

The Individualized Business Writing for Nonnative Speakers of English course is for nonnative speakers of English who have a good command of the English language, but have basic problems in language and grammar resulting from speaking English as a second language. This grammar course is a tutorial, so it focuses on the student’s writing to teach the  grammar and language skills the student needs to learn. The instructor reads samples of the student’s writing thoroughly, identifies grammar and language skills the student needs to learn, lists the sentences with problems in each area, corrects the sentences to show the student how they should have been written, assigns readings from the grammar textbook and online training materials, answers questions about the grammar and language, has the student practice the skills, and provides an online quiz containing sentences from the original writing sample the student must correct to be sure he or she has learned the grammar and language skills. This course includes unlimited access to the instructor.

You may purchase the grammar course textbook we use from a bookseller such as However, the textbook is not required for the course. You will use online training materials for the grammar training.

Language and Grammar Course Timeline

You will go through the language and grammar course at your own pace, so you could complete it within a few weeks. However, you have up to four months to complete the course so you can fit the study time into your schedule. All lessons must be finished within the four-month period.

Language and Grammar Course Content

You will send writing samples to your instructor. Your instructor will read each sample thoroughly, identify skills you need to learn, list the sentences with problems in each area with corrections showing how they should have been written, assign readings from the grammar textbook, answer any questions you have about the skill, have you practice the skill, and give you an online quiz containing sentences from your original writing sample that you must correct in ten minutes to be sure you have learned the skills. You have unlimited access to the instructor in the course.

Your instructor will look for issues in any of the following areas and give you the language and grammar training you need:

• Abbreviations • Active Voice • Adverbs • Affect – Effect • Apostrophes to Show Possession • Articles • Bolding • Capitalization • Colloquialisms • Colons • Commas and Periods with Quotation Marks • Comma Overuse • Commas in a Series • Commas with “However,” “Therefore,” “Thus” • Commas with Coordinate Adjectives • Commas with Coordinating Conjunctions • Commas with Dates, States, Addresses, and Numbers • Commas with Introductory Elements • Commas with Nonrestrictive Appositives • Commas with Nonrestrictive Elements • Commas with Parenthetical Elements • Commonly Confused Word Pairs • Conciseness • Consistency • Contractions • Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers • Ellipses • Errors Unique to Your Writing • Formatting • Fragment Sentences • Gerunds, Infinitives, and Participles • Hyphens and Dashes • Hyphens with Compound Adjectives • Hyphens with Numbers • Hyphens with Prefixes and Compound Words • Idioms and Word Usage • Inversions • Lists • Modal Auxiliary Verbs • Mood Shift • Number (Singular or Plural) • Numbers Format • Omitting Space or Inserting Too Much Space • Parallelism in Lists and Sentences • Parentheses • Passive Voice • Periods • Plurals • Prepositions • Pronoun Reference • Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement Pronouns • Proofreading • Questions • Quotation Marks • Run-on Sentences • Run-on sentences Using “Therefore,” “However” • Semicolons • Simple Sentence Structures • Simple Vocabulary • Slashes • Spelling • Subject/Verb Agreement • Tense Endings • Tense Shifts • Tense • “There,” “Their,” and “They’re,” • Using Case Correctly • Using Key Words • “Whom,” “That,” and “Which” • Word Choice • Word Omitted • Word Unnecessary • Wordiness • Wording Problems

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Writing Coaching by Senior Instructor Dr. Robert Hogan

Business Writing InstructorDr. Robert Hogan teaches the coaching, tutoring, and individualized business writing courses. Dr. Hogan has been training writers for 40 years in universities, colleges of business, consulting companies, and professional writing companies. He has been a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County College, and Illinois State University College of Business. He was manager of communications in a telephone billing company and owner of a company writing documents on contract for government agencies and corporations.

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