Business Report Writing Courses

All courses except the self-study courses have instructor feedback and coaching. You will take the courses from anywhere in the world, when you have time. Course materials are online or in books we assign. After you graduate, you receive a graduation certificate with our gold seal on it for framing.

Most popular course: BWC421 Business Report Writing Skills (See the description below)
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BWC421 Business Report Writing Skills

  • Teaching the best practices for business report writing
  • PhD business college instructor
  • Extensive feedback and coaching
  • Clear, easily understood lessons
  • Four reports for writing examinations
  • Twelve writing activities
  • Dozens of interactive exercises

The instructor is Robert Hogan, Ph.D. Dr. Hogan has been training writers for 40 years in universities, colleges of business, consulting companies, and professional writing companies. He has been been a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County College, and Illinois State University College of Business. He was manager of communications in a telephone billing company and owner of a company writing documents on contract for government agencies and corporations.

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