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1. Choose the correct answer from the four choices (a, b, c, d) shown. Only one answer is correct.

Defined terms
a) are solutions
b) are shortened names
c) never represent proper names
d) take the place of appropriate definitions
e) Don't Know

2. The first time you see a generic name
a) be sure it has been previously defined
b) insert a definition
c) inform the author
d) shorten it
e) Don't Know

3. Make sure all subsequent references using the same term are
a) used inconsistently
b) in the same format
c) in a similar format
d) omitted
e) Don't Know

4. If you notice inconsistencies,
a) insert a comma
b) look them up in a handbook
c) change them
d) query the author
e) Don't Know

5. "Hereinafter" is generally included
a) only in textbook cases
b) but try to avoid it
c) written in capital letters
d) to make the designation clearer
e) Don't Know

6. Defined terms may be capitalized
a) by the defendant
b) at random
c) but be consistent
d) only at the beginning of sentences
e) Don't Know

7. When checking defined terms throughout the document
a) omit the original name
b) do not do a separate check
c) use your word processor's search function
d) never capitalize them
e) Don't Know

8. Check to be sure all defined terms
a) are used with the same spelling and format
b) have been listed at the top of the document
c) are always capitalized
d) start with "Hereafter"
e) Don't Know

9. Once a term is defined,
a) it's not usually needed again
b) refer to the original name
c) use it consistently
d) try to find a shorter version of it
e) Don't Know

10. You locate use of the original name after a defined term for it has been introduced. What do you do?
a) Substitute the original name for all subsequent defined terms.
b) Change all the defined terms to "Plaintiff."
c) Suggest to the author he or she substitute the defined term for the name.
d) Substitute a newer, shorter defined term.
e) Don't Know

11. Find the error in this sentence:
The contract is between Adams Trucking Company (hereinafter "atc") and the City of Baltimore (hereinafter, "City").
a) The name should be shortened to Adams Trucking Co
b) Baltimore is misspelled
c) "City" should not be capitalized.
d) "atc" should be written ATC.
e) Don't Know

12. Find the error in this sentence:
The Nabisco Baking Company (herinafter "Defendant") brought a suit against the debtors.
a) No defined term is used.
b) "Defendant" should not be capitalized.
c) "herinafter" is a misspelling
d) Nabisco Baking Company has not been defined.
e) Don't Know

13. How should this sentence be re-written?
After the Tenant (hereinafter "Mr. Rawlings") agreed to the leas, the Tenant walked out.
a) After the tenant (hereinafter Mr. Rawlings) agreed to the lease, the tenant walked out.
b) After Mr. Rawlings (hereinafter "the Tenant") agreed to the leas, the Tenant walked out.
c) After the tenant (hereinafter "Mr. Rawlings") agreed to the lease, "Mr. Rawlings" walked out.
d) After Mr. Rawlings (hereinafter "the Tenant") agreed to the lease, the Tenant walked out.
e) Don't Know

14. Which of the following is an example of a good query to the author?
a) Why did you capitalize "Tenant" every time?
b) I suggest we define Mr. Rawlings as "the Tenant."
c) I prefer a different format. What do you say?
d) I have some suggestions but you probably aren't interested.
e) Don't Know

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