Lesson Pre Quiz

1. Choose the correctly spelled form of the word to fill in the blank.

The priest _________ her head with holy water.
a) anointed
b) annointed
c) Don't Know

2. For an old car, it's _____________.
a) alright
b) all right
c) Don't Know

3. The use of e-mail has _______________ office memos.
a) superseded
b) superceded
c) Don't Know

4. The company made one last __________ attempt at turning a profit.
a) desparate
b) desperate
c) Don't Know

5. Although she was on a diet, she found the chocolate cake _____________.
a) irresistible
b) irresistable
c) Don't Know

6. The misbehaving children had to be ____________.
a) separated
b) seperated
c) Don't Know

7. The recipe says you should melt or __________ the butter.
a) liquify
b) liquefy
c) Don't Know

8. The river has been ____________ for decades.
a) desicated
b) desiccated
c) Don't Know

9. My supervisor told me I was ______________ to the company.
a) indispensable
b) indispensible
c) Don't Know

10. He decided not to _________ an acting career, and stuck with accounting instead.
a) persue
b) pursue
c) Don't Know

11. Due to the Christmas rush, everyone has ________ of work to do this week.
a) a lot
b) alot
c) Don't Know

12. She walked away ________ during the argument.
a) cooly
b) coolly
c) Don't Know

13. I highly __________ you have the presentation ready before the meeting.
a) recommend
b) reccomend
c) Don't Know

14. The associates thought the new policy was an act of __________.
a) tyrrany
b) tyranny
c) Don't Know

15. He __________ the opportunity to take a vacation.
a) siezed
b) seized
c) Don't Know

16. She brings flowers to the ___________ once a month.
a) cemetery
b) cemetary
c) Don't Know

17. To our surprise, he received a __________ yesterday.
a) subpoena
b) subpena
c) Don't Know

18. The new database has ____________ increased efficiency.
a) definately
b) definitely
c) Don't Know

19. Sexual _____________ has become a big issue in corporate America.
a) harassment
b) harrassment
c) Don't Know

20. Bob assured management that the __________ would never happen again.
a) occurrence
b) occurence
c) Don't Know

21. Did you notice that Nancy is acting a little ________ today?
a) wierd
b) weird
c) Don't Know

22. The ____________ of the employees was to go ahead with the new project.
a) consensus
b) concensus
c) Don't Know

23. He _____________ erased the file from his computer.
a) inadvertently
b) inadvertantly
c) Don't Know

24. "Don't worry," he said, "the drop in the stock market today was practically ___________."
a) miniscule
b) minuscule
c) Don't Know

25. He was saving the bottle of wine for a special __________.
a) ocassion
b) occasion
c) Don't Know

26. She was ___________ in the emergency room to determine the exact nature of her illness.
a) innoculated
b) inoculated
c) Don't Know

27. The time limit for the quiz is not to ___________ one hour.
a) excede
b) exceed
c) Don't Know

28. The board sent the plans to the research and ____________ department.
a) developement
b) development
c) Don't Know

29. Instead of working, he sat at his desk and pondered the meaning of his own _______________.
a) existence
b) existance
c) Don't Know

30. The two college students were charged with public _____________.
a) drunkenness
b) drunkeness
c) Don't Know

31. The service department _____________ the files two hours ago.
a) recieved
b) received
c) Don't Know

32. The rain began to __________ after a couple hours.
a) disipate
b) dissipate
c) Don't Know

33. We had wonderful ________________ at the Radisson.
a) accommodations
b) acommodations
c) Don't Know

34. She could not hide her ______________ after tripping over the rug.
a) embarassment
b) embarrassment
c) Don't Know

35. "I am in ___________!" she exclaimed while eating the gourmet pastry.
a) ecstasy
b) ecstacy
c) Don't Know

36. The ___________ was nearly wiped out at the Battle of the Bulge.
a) battallion
b) battalion
c) Don't Know

37. She was ___________ about doing the job by herself.
a) insistent
b) insistant
c) Don't Know

38. Jesse is always ___________ first thing in the morning.
a) irritable
b) irritible
c) Don't Know

39. The congregation gasped at the pastor's _____________ comments.
a) sacreligious
b) sacrilegious
c) Don't Know

40. He ______________ spilled coffee all over the report, so he had to print another copy.
a) accidentally
b) accidently
c) Don't Know

41. I think everyone got tired of hearing about the president's _____________.
a) liason
b) liaison
c) Don't Know

42. She saved the movie ticket stub as a ___________ of their first date.
a) memento
b) momento
c) Don't Know

43. He wondered if George W. Bush likes __________.
a) brocolli
b) broccoli
c) Don't Know

44. They argued for hours about when the new ___________ really began.
a) millennium
b) millenium
c) Don't Know

45. He's known around the office for his poor _____________.
a) judgment
b) judgement
c) Don't Know

46. He caused the accident because he failed to ________ at the intersection.
a) yeild
b) yield
c) Don't Know

47. They hired an ______________ contractor to install the new hardware.
a) independant
b) independent
c) Don't Know

48. She was filled with __________ when she realized what she had done.
a) despair
b) dispair
c) Don't Know

49. The professor stated that freedom is a ____________, not a right.
a) privilege
b) priviledge
c) Don't Know

50. Some people believe that ___________ is the best learning method.
a) repitition
b) repetition
c) Don't Know

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